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  • Very intrested in upgraded gps units for solo; I just bought 4 units from best buy and want to trick one out’ seems pritty cool your gps;; and going to use two maybe as racers with my brother with cheap cameras and no gimble;
    am aslo intrested in revl.com? ;; your GPS units are avialible. it ships from the usa’
    I do not see a companie adress?

  • I have 3 of your auto pilots from 3dr in drones that I have assembled (also a solo). I cannot wait to see what you will be offering now with the new company. Best of luck to you and I hope to be purchasing from you soon.

  • Olá, quero dizer que minha placa pixhawk veio com um problema de solda na placa e por isso o conector do SWITCH descolou da placa.
    Gostaria que trocassem ou arrumassem minha pixhawk, dessa maneira não posso usufruir.

    Hello, I want to say that my pixhawk board came with a solder problem on the board and so the SWITCH connector took off the board.
    I would like you to change or rearrange my pixhawk, that way I can not enjoy it.

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