About Us

Mayan Robotics LLC is an American company specializing in the design and manufacture of essential electronic systems for unmanned vehicles, drones, and UAVs. We focus on the best known open source and open hardware based autopilots in the world. Our products are utilized by the largest civil drone manufactures, public and private aerospace research and development institutes and militaries across the globe.

Currently Mayan Robotics LLC it has prestige in the sector for the quality and innovation of its products, strategically locating its headquarters in San Diego California, in addition to being the only manufacturer of its kind that designs, manufactures with globally sourced components, assembles and ships all products from the United States to anywhere in the world providing technical support and consulting in english, spanish and russian.

Mayan Robotics LLC better known as mRobotics or mRo was founded in September 2016 by Jordi Muñoz co-founder of 3D Robotics Inc in 2009 together with Phillip Kocmoud, co-designer of AUAV3, PixRacer, AUAV X1, AUAV X2, mRo X2.1, AUAV X3 and mRo X2.1-777 who has also collaborated in the creation of the DroneCode connector standard.

mRobotics has a highly specialized human resource in various areas, mainly engineering, aerospace and technical capabilities that allow us to quickly develop and innovate with the vision and passion of seeing the products working and serving the thousands of customers around the world.

mRo Autopilot Family

From San Diego California at mRobotics we design and manufacture the range of the most famous in the world for open source based autopilots for autonomous navigation of the many types of unmanned vehicles required by the industry.

At mRo we have developed the most used and well-known autopilots that the industry trusts, including ArduPilot1, APM, APM2, APM2.5, PixRacer, X2.1 along with many other custom designs that drive the solutions of our customer.

Our experience, combined with extensive knowledge in the industry has made any of our electronic platforms offer versatility in sensor connectivity, high processing capacity and the ideal size required for each different project, in addition to being compatible with any of our GPS, speed sensors and open source operating systems most used in the world, such as Ardupilot and PX4.

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mRo GPS Family

The mRo family of GPS sensors are one of the most powerful and sophisticated satellite signal sensors in the unmanned vehicle industry which we manufacture in United States. These have specially designed to obtain with high precision the position, velocity and timing information that the vehicle requires.

mRo GPS sensors are used by the best aerospace research and development centers and large drone manufacturers around the world. Available in different sizes and architectures to obtain the best noise immunity, lowest possible weight and high sensitivity each of them includes a robust system capable of accurately detecting the different satellite signal constellations of USA (GPS), Russia (GLONASS) and Europe (Galileo) totally individually or simultaneously.

Our range of GPS sensors it is in constantly improving technology and are fully compatible with any of our mRo autopilots.

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