At mRo, we have the ability to manufacture harnesses, cables, and wires required for all kinds of UAVs on-demand in large volume quantities with the quality required by each project.

We manufacture cables, wires, and special harnesses according to their own specifications, taking under consideration the length, size, type of connector at each end, and other required features for each product.

Our customers may send us their own diagrams with the configuration of the type of cable that they require. In other instances, they are based using our existing catalog or we can design and manufacture the wiring required in its entirety.

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Each Cable and Harness will require an individual quote. Note 1: If your order is large, or requires custom specifications, please contact us directly. Note 2: Minimum Quantity 200. Thank you.
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If you have a drawing, picture or specifications, attach your files here.

If you do not know what you need, write your needs here and we will gladly assist you.