Mayan Robotics?


Hello everybody! I’m Jordi Munoz B, cofounder of 3D Robotics Inc (I was behind store) and founder of our new big project called (Mayan Robotics).

First of all, Guillermo Romero was the one who proposed the name “Mayan Robotics” and for those who don’t know him, Guillermo is the founder of uDrones, a robotics company located in Tijuana, MX (border with San Diego, CA). Right here:

uDrones was one of the first drone manufacturers to offer “Ready To Fly” kits. Under his command, he managed to assemble all official APMs, 3DR Radios, GPSs, PixHawks and more, virtually out of nothing. Many of them are still flying today.

uDrones was later acquired by 3D Robotics (through shares exchange), making Guillermo the third owner of 3D Robotics. Later on, uDrones operations were closed after the 3DR 2.0 board decided its existence was no longer needed.
Guillermo and I were planning to re-open what used to be the fun DIY days, but at the end, Guillermo decided to retire.
Honestly, I did think about doing the same, but there was no fun in that… and now, I’M HERE!
I took the helm of  Mayan Robotics, and it feels great to be taking this company to the next level.

I thought about the name, and realized we were in a bit of a hurry when it was chosen; So, I just decided to change the “commercial” name to mRobotics or mRo. As you can imagine the “.COM” domain was already taken, so I opted for the new -popular among geeks- “.IO” domain. Also, some people thought that our name “mRobotics” or “mRo” was related to my last name, but let me clarify.. It’s not.

Despite the little name change, I do believe that Guillermo deserves a lot of credit for this and everything else he did before, for me and for every single one of us. Thanks, man! 😉


Now, let’s move on to some small details about the company… Do you recognize the mRo icon? Well, the logo is a centrifugal governor or “flyball”:




And, what is the relation with mRobotics? Before telling you, allow me to give you an explanation of what a governor is, Wikipedia says:

“A centrifugal governor is a specific type of governor with a feedback system that controls the speed of an engine by regulating the amount of fuel (or working fluid) admitted, so as to maintain a near-constant speed, irrespective of the load or fuel-supply conditions. It uses the principle of proportional control. It was invented in 1788 by James Watt to control his steam engine where it regulates the admission of steam into the cylinder(s).”

The centrifugal governor is considered the first known -or at least first documented- control system made by humans, and, control systems lead to control theory which is the foundation of all robotics as we know them today. This is how we, us mRobotics, feel related with our logo. We started, imagined, developed and created so many new things since 3D Robotics that brought a lot opportunities and advancement in technology.

We are sure you will enjoy mRobotics, as much as we enjoy growing faster and better than before. We are really excited to let you know we have great plans as well as new inventions currently cooking. We promise, you will have so much fun with us, and get the most convenient service!

The entire operations  are located in California (San Diego area). Feel free to visit us!

25 thoughts on “Mayan Robotics?

  • Congrats on the new biz. I wish you success and am saddened that CA and others decided to throw our your vision(s) for fame and fortune.
    I do think it would be good PR for you (Jordi and others) to tell the true story of what happened at 3DR – because not doing so groups you in with the problems…whereas most insiders know that you had little to do with any of that.
    We (bloggers) will follow your new venture and be sure to contact me if you want to tell some of the story and clean up the past record.

  • As one of the early adopters of APM1 I can’t tell you how much I was disappointed when I found out that you have left 3dr and
    This comes as awesome news. I can’t wait to see your site up and running. Good luck and all the best!

  • Hi Jordi,

    I realized that you only ship within US? How can I buy your stuffs as I am in Australia.

    Also very important, will you be devising more upgraded parts to make the Solo even better and more reliable?

    Glad to have found your company!

  • Congrats Jordi on your decision to continue in the drone business. I think we will all be the beneficiaries of that decision. We are hoping for great things. Best wishes on your success.

  • Great to be dealing with you again… I bought many parts of you in 2007/2008 for the original ardupilots, and have wondered what became of you.
    I still have the video of you with Chris and your follow-me blimp!

    Great having you leading the way again with new tech for the diy’ers.

    (sgt_ric @diydrones)

  • Quiero poner me en contacto contigo Jordi Muñoz, soy mexicano y tengo una propuesta disruptiva…. vamos a cambiar al mundo…..

  • Hello everyone !

    There are many quiet cheers and best wishes to you and your team in opening your new store.

    All the best to you !!!

  • May the force be with you…

    I’d like to see the return of scalable platforms rather than plastic consumer crap. Keep it Open Source. Also build on sensor development- LIDAR, IR, GPS, etc.

    • Hi Jodi,
      my congratulations on your success.

      I would be so nice to have a new DIY drones forum, open to all, moderation free
      to support exactly individual DIYers, to support DIY drones, DIY boats, DIY rovers, planes, helis and more to let you grow fast.

  • Hi Jodi,
    my congratulations on your success.

    I would be so nice to have a new DIY drones forum, open to all, moderation free
    to support exactly individual DIYers, to support DIY drones, DIY boats, DIY rovers, planes, helis and more to let you grow fast.

  • I am very please to know you are back at it!
    I still have my 3dr DYI quadcopter flying, and just recently purchased a Solo at a very low cost.
    The one thing I liked about the DIY was the open source concept that truly made it a hobby opposed to a toy.

  • The Pixhawk I purchased is humming along just fine. Just picked up the m8 upgrade for the solo as well. The P1 is in my rover and I have a P2 in my drone. Wouldn’t run anything else in my bots.

  • I was a web development consultant who worked with Jordi and his team of about 20 at 3D Robotics back in 2012 during their infant stages, and I can attest that the company was well managed by Jordi and the business atmosphere was excellent. I enjoyed working with him and his team and feel that their operations and work environment were run very well. I wish his new endeavor a wonderful success and encourage him to continue his business!

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