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Mayan Robotics LLC is an American company specializing in the design and manufacture of essential electronic systems for unmanned vehicles, drones, and UAVs. We focus on the best known open source and open hardware based autopilots in the world. Our products are utilized by the largest civil drone manufactures, public and private aerospace research and development institutes and militaries across the globe.

Currently Mayan Robotics LLC it has prestige in the sector for the quality and innovation of its products, strategically locating its headquarters in San Diego California, in addition to being the only manufacturer of its kind that designs, manufactures with globally sourced components, assembles and ships all products from the United States to anywhere in the world providing technical support and consulting in english, spanish and russian.

Mayan Robotics LLC better known as mRobotics or mRo was founded in September 2016 by Jordi Muñoz co-founder of 3D Robotics Inc in 2009 together with Phillip Kocmoud, co-designer of AUAV3, PixRacer, AUAV X1, AUAV X2, mRo X2.1, AUAV X3 and mRo X2.1-777 who has also collaborated in the creation of the DroneCode connector standard.

mRobotics has a highly specialized human resource in various areas, mainly engineering, aerospace and technical capabilities that allow us to quickly develop and innovate with the vision and passion of seeing the products working and serving the thousands of customers around the world.


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PX4 Developer Summit

PX4 Developer Summit Two days and more than 1,600 already signed up. Free to all. The PX4 Developer Summit is the annual flagship conference hosted by Dronecode for the drone development community. Who should attend: Software developers & Hardware engineers Academia Students Professors Researchers Product managers & Project managers CTOs / VP / Director of…

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FlytBase and Mayan Robotics Partner to Deliver Enterprise Drone Automation

At mRobotics, our commitment continues with the entire research, development, and integration community. We want to announce that we are making several alliances with interesting companies for the UAV sector and, as always, to offer you hardware for integration, ready-to-use products, and solutions. FlytBase, Inc. and Mayan Robotics LLC have announced a partnership to support…

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Coming Soon – New “mRo Location One”, a CAN GPS Sensor

At mRobotics, our commitment continues with the entire research, development, and integration community. From San Diego, California, we design and manufacture the necessary hardware to build platforms and solutions based on Ardupilot and PX4. And now we show you the next high-tech GPS that has built-in CAN, which includes many special improvements to achieve maximum…

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mRo Survey

At mRo, we are committed to designing and manufacturing high quality innovative products for unmanned vehicles. As always, we like to know your opinion and combine it with our knowledge to provide you the best experience in designing products exceeding your expectations. That is why we want to hear from you and get to know…

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Comparison Table of mRo Professional Autopilots Family

This is how you can learn at a glance the technical characteristics of the mRobotics family of autopilots and decide which device best suits your projects. The mRo autopilots are designed and manufactured to create the wide variety of platforms that the industry requires in different ways. They are designed to provide reliability for the…

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mRo Custom Cables Service Available

At mRobotics we have the ability to manufacture harnesses, cables, and wires on-demand in large volume quantities with the quality required by each project. We manufacture cables, wires, and special harnesses according to their own specifications. Taking under consideration the length, size, type of connector at each end, and other required features for each product.…

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The Carrier

The idea of creating a carrier that could house the whole brain of a drone was born when we got a new uav prototype and wanted to change all the components from the old one to the new one. At first we were just considering designing one for the Control Zero, Telemetry and GPS. But…

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New RTF/ARF Platform Nano Talon X2.1

A University of Baja California (Oceanographic Research Institute) required us (mRo) to develop a fix-wing UAV. It had to be small/portable and capable of carrying a multispectral camera that would be used for oceanography research. The camera would be a Parrot Sequoia and of course… it had to be very cheap due to budgetary constraints.

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mayan robotics

Mayan Robotics?

Hello, everybody! I’m Jordi Muñoz B, cofounder of 3D Robotics Inc. (I was behind DIYdrones.com store) and founder of our new big project called mRobotics.io (Mayan Robotics). First of all, Guillermo Romero was the one who proposed the name “Mayan Robotics”. For those who don’t know him, he is the founder of uDrones, a robotics…

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